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COLUMBUS, Ohio, Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2012


Ohio State University’s planned, potentially exclusive contract with Silver Star Merchandising, a company known to use sweatshops, could mean the end for a number of local apparel companies included in the 100 businesses to lose their license to produce OSU apparel.

 “A monopoly deal will destroy OSU’s leverage to fight against sweatshop labor abuses,” says Tim Singratsomboune, the secondary leader of United Students Against Sweatshops.

USAS fight to stop this apparel contract is a beginning step in their plan to get students voices heard, to stop OSU’s affiliation with companies that use sweatshops, and to help maintain the presence of local businesses in the OSU apparel market.  According to Singratsomboune, a third-year international studies student at OSU, USAS hopes to ensure that one day all decisions, such as racism policy, tuition hikes, and labor rights, will be made with the inclusion of the students ideas and opinions.

 “Our organization’s philosophy is borrowed from Martin Luther King Jr.,” says Singratsomboune.

In the steps of Martin Luther King Jr., your involvement with USAS will include only non-violentactions such as the ‘quick action’ at Bricker hall, Oct. 22, 2012. In this protest, USAS gathered and marched together to OSU President, E. Gordon Gee’s, office and demanded to know if Gee was going to speak out against the deal with Silver Star Merchandising.

If protests are not for you, USAS meets every Tuesday, 7 p.m., at the Thompson Library, in room 204.

According to Singratsomboune, the good news is that USAS has been able to help with stalling this contract, originally slated to have gone through in June of 2011, for over 520 days nowJoin USAS now and you can help in the fight to stop this contract from going through, and to get the students voices heard for generations to come.

About USAS- United Students Against Sweatshops is a student run organization at Ohio State University that fights for labor rights for anyone affiliated with OSU.  Aside from their plans to end unfair labor practices, such as the use of sweatshops to make OSU apparel, USAS plans to ensure that OSU students are included in all decisions that bear consequence on their lives.


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