Final Project Outline

Every thing I have done so far

  • I have gathered a couple of contacts that I have yet to email
  • I have done research on the topic of stress related eating in the college setting, how healthy OSU food is, what health food is, and what can be done to medicate making unhealthy food choices as a college student
  • I have chosen groups of people I would like to interview
  • I have located the office for university dinning services, as well as their phone number and email, in hopes to get an interview with somebody that will shed light on why there are menu options that have 51 grams of sugar but little else nutrition, or fifty percent of daily fat needs, nearly 700 calories, and almost no other nutritional value
  • I have found some other sources that may help to provide information that I can use in my broadcast to give people options on how to better educate themselves on health literacy

Every thing I still need to do

  • I still need to contact a representative from every group I am interested in interviewing (someone who is involved with what foods are served on campus, a representative of the student body, a nutrition professional/someone from the wellness center) and then interview them
  • Obviously I still need to write the entire thing
  • I still need to process the information I have collected through my research, for application to my broadcast
  • I will need to record the broadcast probably several times to get it right
  • I will need to process the interviews to extrapolate the best quotes and information to aid in the message my broadcast will try to convey

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