DISCO for Diversity


COLUMBUS, Ohio, Thursday, Nov. 8, 2012- Whether wanting updates for future diversity focused events or seeking minors that will expand your education and give you another shot at a scholarship, Diversity & Identity Studies Collective at O.S.U. is the group for you.

Originally a collaborative that brought together eight departments and programs that were teaching about the relationships between gender, race, class, and other elements of identity, DISCO, founded in 2006, turned into much more for Ohio State University.

“It’s a way of finding like-minded people in such a big place,” says Molly Blackburn, associate professor and member of DISCO since 2006.

Offering things such as scholarships or small travel grants for students who are studying in one of the eight departments or programs associated with the collective,  DISCO provides more than just a collective of like-minded people.

“DISCO creates the ability to communicate with people,” says Cynthia Burack, professor of women’s, gender and sexuality studies and member of DISCO since 2006.

In addition to the multiple departments, degrees, and scholarships DISCO provides, it also regularly sponsors events and speakers that help to keep students and faculty up-to-date on current issues of diversity. In September and October alone, DISCO had 50 events or meetings, ranging from talks on race and violence to having an AIDS walk.

Anyone looking to participate in DISCO events over the next month can find the DISCO events list on the events section of their website, or get updates emailed to them by requesting to be put on the DISCO listserv.  To be put on the listserv, email a request to DISCO at disco@osu.edu.

If eager to start participating with DISCO, their next event is Nov. 9, at 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m., in 347 University Hall.  Here one can learn about the topic of the similarities between Michelle Obama and Condoleezza Rice, all while enjoying a brown bag lunch.

Even if the time isn’t available to join DISCO in one of their events or the programs and degrees they provide aren’t of interest, people who want to help DISCO advocate diversity at O.S.U. can still provide their support by donating money.  This donation will help provide scholarships and grants to students advancing their education in DISCO-related programs, and it will assist in funding DISCO events and meetings for diversity awareness.

Come together with DISCO and help support diversity at O.S.U. today and for the future.

About DISCO- DISCO is a collective of O.S.U. graduate students and faculty working for these primary goals (according to the mission statement in the About Us section on the DISCO website ):

  • Promote innovative and intersectional research on issues of diversity, identity, and social difference and power.
  • Coordinate and advertise courses and curricula on these issues.
  • Sponsor diversity-focused intellectual and creative programs.

Undergraduate students can participate in the collective by signing up for the DISCO listserv, where they  receive updates on upcoming events and other DISCO-related activity. Also, DISCO  provides students with the option of eight academic programs  ranging from sexuality studies to Asian American studies.  These eight programs offer over 20 undergraduate and graduate degrees.  DISCO gives students the opportunity to obtain travel grants  and scholarships as well.

For more information contact

Patrick L. Powell

Diversity & Identity Studies Collective




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