Final Project Outline

I have revised my final project to talking about why snack wise has seized to be implemented on some of our campuses’ vending machines, the choices students are making when they eat at vending machines and why.

I endeavour to interview a couple of students and contact and hopefully interview someone who is involved with what is order and placed into vending machines.  Additionally I will be using an article written by an honors senior that talks about campus vending machines and the implementation of the snackwise program.  To further my research I will be pulling evidence from a peer-reviewed academic journal source that will back up why students shouldn’t be given so many bad options for food choices on campus, especially the on-the-go quick options.  I would also like to take the angle that students can’t by alcohol with the buckeye ID so why should they be allowed to purchase unhealthy snacks on the go.

I will be writing this as a public relations piece that promotes the need for the re-implementation of the use of snackwise program and more importantly the exclusion of many if not all or the unhealthy snacking options in the vending machine.


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