Online Hotel Booking Nightmare

Photo credit: quinn.anya / / CC BY-SA

Photo credit: quinn.anya / / CC BY-SA

Now that I have several bad experiences booking hotels online, I know better than to book the first inexpensive motel I find and then hope for the best.  This brings me to the booking nightmare of planning the trip I will be taking my mother on.

Desiring this four-location, California vacation to be comfortable for my mother, yet affordable for me, has proven to be logistically challenging.   My recent nightmare is sifting through poorly designed hotel booking websites, nonsensical rating systems, and reviews, reviews, and more reviews.


  • As seen in The New York Times article,  “Lost in the Stars of Hotel’s Rating,” written by David Segal, trusting hotel booking websites rating’s blindly may land you in an undesirable Hotel.  Knowing that each website may provide different reviews or ratings from the next shows that doing more research on the hotel you’re booking can help to clarify what you are booking.
  • Trusting the first good or bad review as the basis for which hotel you choose is unwise.  Consumer beware, reviews can be fake.
  • Detecting unreliable reviews can be a matter of communications wizardry, so check out this Mail Online article, “How to tell if a TripAdvisor review is fake…Researchers reveal how to spot bogus comments which hotels pay for,” written by Danielle Bates, and learn how to sift through unreliable reviews.  As this article points out, hotels can purchase good and bad reviews from a secondary party, so learning how to detect the fakes helps ensure that you get what you want when booking a hotel.
  • The right booking website is the one that makes the process easiest, provides the most information about the room you are looking for and at a price that fits your budget, (know your budget).

Good Luck!


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