Culture for Performers: Not Always a Given



Ask the group of stilt walkers and performers I work with if they have culture and your response would be, “more than enough.”  Ask them what the culture of our performance group, The Amazing Giants, is and you would probably get some blank stares and fluffy answers like “it’s the loove culture.”

Love culture aside, where does our concern with our presentation, how we behave at events and during other performances begin, and why is it so important?  Answering this question is a matter of examining our internal communications.

In the NASHVILLE POST article “Internal communications greatly influences a company’s corporate culture“, Paula Lovell, a local chief executive officer, explains that it is easy for the person in charge to forget all eyes are on everything thing they do, say and write.

Although professionalism and enthusiasm is a part of The Amazing Giants culture, the voice of its founder must reinforce these qualities by possessing them as well.  Lost sometimes in her enthusiasm, our founder can forget the professionalism part in her internal communications with The Amazing Giants.

Here is a list of things to consider when writing in a professional setting (especially if you’re the boss):

  • Use (correct) punctuation, good grammar, and spell things correctly.
  • Have beginnings and ends to your sentences, and don’t be afraid of making another paragraph.
  • If you are making requests and you have someone in mind, address them by name or individually.
  • Above all, be clear and concise.

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