Morning Writing and Writing Better

Chapendra / / CC BY-NC

Chapendra / / CC BY-NC

For as long as I have taken writing seriously, it has been something I do best primarily in the morning.  Although I have found evidence that writing in the morning has its benefits, I am posting today to share some personal experiences with morning writing.  If morning writing isn’t the key to unlock your chest of creativity, I have included some other gems about how to be a better writer.

Curious about other early birds taking to their word processor, I went on a search for their story.  Luckily, I came across a blog post by Roxana Robinson, “How I get to write.”  In this post Robinson describes a relationship with morning writing that helps to explain its benefits and even something deeper.

“The reason the morning is so important to me is that I’ve spent the night somewhere else,” Robinson states.

If you need more than a whimsical post detailing the connection between the inspirational strings weaving your dreams together and morning writing, then you should check out the blog post “ON WRITING IN THE MORNING FOR NIGHT OWLS,” by Kevin Eagan.  In this post, Eagan poses the questions “If I call myself a writer, shouldn’t I write first thing in the morning?  Shouldn’t it be the reason I get out of bed everyday?”

If it isn’t enough to trust Eagan’s inspiration for night owls who want to catch the early bird’s book worm, then let’s explore some technical aspects as to why writing in the morning could be your best bet to better writing. In the post “How to Write First Thing in the Morning,” by Peter Gene, he provides some insight as to why you should write in the morning and tips on how to begin doing so.

Gene includes these two lists in his post.

Why Write So Early

  1. It’s quite.
  2. Work hasn’t gotten in the way.
  3. Life hasn’t gotten in the way

Tips for Writing Early in the Morning

  1. Wake early
  2. Get a glass of water or coffee
  3. Focus

If all this isn’t enough to get you to start writing in the morning, remember what it’s like when your brain is ready to slow down.  This doesn’t happen in the morning.  In the morning, your brain is getting started for the day and it only speeds up.

timsnell /

timsnell /








Just to say that I understand that writing can be done at other times than the morning, I wrote this post in the evening.  Although I could take a nap, it wasn’t so bad.

Good luck and good writing to ya’.


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