Social Media For A Better Business

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Isn’t it enough to have a good business idea and the gumption to make it work? The answer can be yes, especially if your business plan includes exploiting social media to its greatest potential.

I recently viewed a business venture I am involved in from the perspective of a student trying to get a good grade in a communications audit group project. After completing this communications audit and yes, after getting an A, it was easy to see that social media will play an integral part in the venture’s success. It was a simple conclusion to make; we want more business and expanding our social media reach is a cheap and effective way to expose our product and interact with our consumer base.

But where is the proof?

Aside from heavy coverage in most strategic communications texts, a great example of social media success can be found in in the New York Times article “Naughty in Name Only,” by Nicole Perlroth. This article provides a detailed account on how Sophia Amoruso used social media and other business savvy techniques to bring her online vintage clothing store,, millions in revenue.

Although lacking a marketing team, Amoruso is able to use her accounts with Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest to connect with her consumer base in ways that ensure their interaction with her brand.

What if all this seems a little much? If so, consider some of the ways you can create a greater consumer base, customer-to-brand interaction, and brand loyalty by checking out the article “10 Ways To Use Social Media,” by Livvie Matthews.


    1.Share your expertise:
    •Share what you’ve learned that can help others avoid the pitfalls or the learning curve.

    2.Show viewers What or How “To Do”:
    •Share with viewers what your company does or can do for your ideal client.
    •For Products – create a video that spotlights the benefits of using your product.
    •For Services – create testimonial videos of clients speaking and sharing how your services have helped them.
    •Solve their problems.

    3.Interact with your viewers:
    •The new currency in today’s market place is engagement and conversations. It’s Key! Your main focus should be starting and continuing conversations with your viewers.

    4.Make your content work for you – Share it!:
    •Encourage your viewers to comment on and share your content they like. This helps establish you as an expert, the “go-to” person, in your area of expertise.
    •Install widgets that make it easy for your viewers to share your content.

    5.Learn to turn negatives into positives – Quickly!:
    •Consistently do a quick search for viewers mentioning you, your company, or your products and services on the social networks – Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, and Google+ (alerts)
    •Consistently do a quick search for viewers mentioning you, your company, or your products and services on the social networks – Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, and Google+ (alerts)

    6.Be transparent.

    7.Reward your customer, client, patient loyalty.

    8.Get mobile.

    9.Target online advertising.

    10.Promote – but never aggressively.

Hopefully this post provides some inspiration and good advice.

Good luck and successful business ventures to you.


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