My Life On Twitter So Far

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I have mentioned before my reluctance to be involved with Twitter and in my last post teaching about how to use Twitter some of this reluctance still showed. I am going to be honest here, although not as reluctant, doing Twitter right still seems a tad daunting, but I won’t focus on that now.

So far, my presence on Twitter has exclusively been to complete class assignments. I have had to do a week of tweets, live tweeting an event and tweet chat in and out of class. And although tweeting has become a more natural thing to me, I have yet to fit it into my daily ritual.

As you can read in “Twitter: How to ruin your life in seconds” by Asian Image writer Sonia Ali, Twitter is considered a vital tool for communication, but that it can destroy reputations as well. Although I am not concerned with ruining my reputation via Twitter, I am beginning to see what it can do for me.

After my last assignment for Twitter, where I tweeted while listening to the speaker Drew Dudley from TED talks, I realized how easy it is to make strong connections with important people.

As I was listening to Dudley weave in and out of his inspirational stories about leadership and his past, I tweeted on several quotes I liked, gave him credit via his handle and thanked him for speaking that night.

After completing this assignment, I thought that was it, I’m done tweeting until close to graduation next year where I will start producing more regular professional oriented tweets. Then Dudley started following me and thanked me for attending.

Now that I have someone like Dudley following I am starting to think that I need to pick up the pace on my tweets and tweet even when there is no assignment to do so.

Luckily, the summer break is near and I will have more time to attend to my Twitter page appropriately as I would like to be able to keep people that I revere following me.

Wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “My Life On Twitter So Far

  1. It’s always exciting when someone you admire or respect follows you, or someone with that pretty little blue check mark next to their name, so congratulations! Twitter is a great tool and you should try to keep it up, but don’t stress about tweeting too much. Even if you get a tweet out every couple days, it shows that you at least pay some attention to it. Plus, people who tweet too much can get annoying. And the more you start tweeting, the more you’ll settle in, get comfortable, and want to tweet more. Good luck!

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