The One-Minute Writer and OneWord

 the waving cat / / CC BY-NC-SA

the waving cat / / CC BY-NC-SA

Whether looking for a creative outlet, searching for blog/writing prompts or trying to find a way to kill a minute or two, The One-Minute Writer and or OneWord are great websites to visit.

By taking a look at the post “The One-Minute Writer,” by M. Selene, you can see a good example of “The One-Minute Writer” bringing out the creative side in people and providing a prompt for blogging. This post is also an example of how easy it is to write past the minute time limit on “The One-Minute Writer.” Later, I will talk about why this isn’t the case with “OneWord.”

As both these websites are similar because they prompt you to write about something in one minute and that what you write can be posted on their website and read by anyone, I will focus on how they differ.

The Differences Between “The One-Minute Write” and “OneWord”

    With “The One-Minute Writer” you are given a topic such as “everyday heroes” whereas on “OneWord, you are only given one word, such as dashboard.

    Where “The One-Minute Writer” sometimes asks what your reaction to something is, “OneWord” will only give you the one word and then you respond in any fashion you’d prefer. Due to this “OneWord” lends itself to fictional writing.

    On “OneWord” your are told to stop when the minute is up and submit. This is not the case with “The One-Minute Writer”. As you can see in Selene’s blog and by viewing both minute writer websites, the result is longer posts on “The One-Minute Writer” compared to almost exclusively short posts on “OneWord.”

    “OneWord” gets more traffic in that there are more posts any given day. So if you are looking to read previous posts this website may be a better choice.

    “The One-Minute Writer” seems to be more family friendly as it suggests you write in your journal if your response may be inappropriate for all eyes. As “OneWord” doesn’t make any such suggestions the result is a speckling of “gritty” content.

Todays prompt on “OneWord” is “dashboard.” If you had only one minute, what would you write? Give it a shot in the comments section below.

Thanks for sharing and remember, only one minute.


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